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Mariko & Venk

Travel Valet | Yellow with Tan Spotted

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Stranded in Malta while walking through the streets of Valletta, I promised myself I would never lose my passport again. It was one of those nights where the wine flowed and I ate cheese and charcuterie with reckless abandon. 

Walking back to my hotel, the cobblestone streets (not the 2014 Shiraz) must have been the reason my passport slipped from my back pocket. The next morning the pinch of regret I woke to had nothing to do with the chiselled Spanish soccer player lying next to me, but the fact that I would trade breakfast in bed to an arduous call with the Consulate explaining my vexing predicament. 

Introducing the Mariko & Venk Travel Valet. Soft yet structured with more than enough room for just your passport. It keeps your essential documents protected while looking sexy as you pull it out.

Source Materials

Sustainably sourced and hand-dyed Himalayan sheepskin and printed goat hair.


10 x 6 inches, closed