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Mariko & Venk

Thar Desert Backpack

Thar Desert Backpack

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On the second day of my solo holiday, I left the mania of Mumbai to seek the calm of the desert. The Thar Desert sand dunes spread for miles and miles and the best way to enjoy it is by camel. I had purchased one ticket for a group ride. However, upon arrival, I seemed to be the only participant.

The guide welcomed me with an inviting grin. I had never ridden a camel before, so the fact that I had all his attention was a bonus. He assisted me in finding my seating, and then we were off.

As the hours went on, I began to feel parched. Then I realized I had forgotten my backpack in my hotel room. The guide quickly pulled a water bottle out of his rustic tan backpack. I quenched my thirst as the sun began to set. As he never wanted me to forget his kindness, he gifted me this beautiful backpack. I never forgot.

A nod to the great majesty of the Indian desert, the Thar Desert Backpack is a rustic and classic accessory for any adventure.
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