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Mariko & Venk

Kash Scarf | Samsara Pink

Kash Scarf | Samsara Pink

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Nestled in the mountains of Northern Indian, we met Imran.

He was in his early 90s selling handwoven scarves. It was an art that was passed down to him from his father who learned it from his father. Imran had already taught the technique to his sons and grandsons.

One of the young grandsons, around 7-8 was there when we arrived at the small shop filled with looms and walls covered in beautiful and colorful scarves. He was an enthusiastic salesman at a young age. He begins to tell us about how they select the finest silk for weaving and the process of hand dyeing each one in natural pigments.

After hours of sitting with Imran and his family talking about his life and the art of weaving over a chai .... we left with our first collection of Mariko Venk Scarves. We opted for single colors compared to prints as to not distract from the beautiful craftsmanship. Each of the solid colors is timeless, pairing well with casual and elevated styles. The silk weave is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it an essential addition to any wardrobe.


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