Here's some of our most asked questions! Want to know more about us or our products? Shoot us a DM on social or email info@marikovenk.com

What are your 'Mariko & Venk' bags made of?

They are made from reclaimed and repurposed leather (cow and goat) and printed fur (cow and goat).  The materials are leftover scraps from other designer brand bags, and instead of throwing the remnants away - we turn them into bags!

Is each one truly different?

YES! They are made from repurposed leather scraps and are assembled at random. We know the 'style' of the bag - but don't know the combination of colors and prints. This is exciting because we never know what we are going to get, and know mathematically we can only have one of each design. If you see one you want, buy it before its gone because we won't be selling the exact one again.

What is reclaimed leather?

It's leather that is in a natural state without any extra machine power to process it.